Wednesday, March 11, 2009

why can't dave build me things?

Dave made this model for work. It's for a high school addition that includes a gymnasium, women's and men's locker rooms, a community gym, and a concession stand. He spent about a half-day on it. These are his pictures from his new camera; his favorite is here.
So, if he can build things like this, why can't he build me stuff? Like:
  1. A dollhouse modeled after our house, complete with rooms painted the same colors as our house and white wood trim.

  2. A simple, practical, but also slick coffee table.

  3. A new closet system to put in the back room so that it can be my walk-in closet.

  4. A catwalk and cat lounge area that would go just below the high ceilings in our house so that the cats can pretend they're playing in trees; though he'd have to cut holes through the walls.

  5. A treehouse. Wait...we cut down our tree last year. OK, he's off the hook for that one.