Thursday, March 19, 2009

spring is so nice this year

The past two days were awesome--so warm and springlike. Both days I took nice walks during lunch. I love that I can walk up Flagstaff Hill, down through Schenley Park (where I saw two turtles scrambling out of the pond water onto a log to sun themselves), and through Phipps' Outdoor Garden (to check out their trees) during lunch. Trees are blossoming, grass is coming up, and the birds never seem to stop singing.

After work both days, Dave and I took long walks. Yesterday we went across the 16th Street Bridge into town, down Liberty Avenue, and back across the 9th Street Bridge and river trail. I love that there are so many different places we can walk to without having to get in a car and drive.

I love spring! I love seeing which of my perennials come back, picking out new plants for our flower boxes in front, and picking out new perennials for the back. This picture is our side planting bed from 2005. The only things still there are the cherry tree and the vines on the fence. We cut out the short evergreen and moved the spiderswort (with purple flowers). And I really don't buy annuals for the back anymore. I buy a lot of ferns and grasses because I generally like foliage more than flowers.

Getting a new tree is first priority, but I can't wait to make our first trip to Brenkle's for new plants!