Friday, March 13, 2009

finished the wire. now what?

Last night I watched the final episode in the final season of The Wire. Wow, what an awesome series. But what am I going to do without it? At least I still have half of David Simon’s Homicide book to go. Some final observations:
  • I agree with Kim G. that season four was the best. I really loved the kids! Since season four, like Kate T., I’ve thought about adopting a poor inner-city kid, or fostering. But I can’t even get Dave to agree to adopt a dog, much less a juvenile delinquent.
  • I couldn’t look at the city editor Gus without thinking of our favorite Lawrenceville public safety advocate—are they like twins or what? And the stuff that Templeton made up? I definitely think that some of the news is made up. Given all of the journalists in all of the media, there has to be some unethical people mixed in.
  • At least none of my favorites got killed in season five.
  • I'm happy that there was one good ending with Bubbles.
  • Because I’m reading Homicide—nonfiction based on David Simon’s year with the Baltimore homicide unit—I realized that not only are the characters on The Wire based on real people, but a good bit of the dialogue on the show was real dialogue from the book. No wonder the show seems so real!
What series should I start next?