Sunday, March 8, 2009

3.7.09 road trip to cumberland

The first nice weekend of the year warrants a trip to one of my favorite places to visit: western Maryland. Feels so good to be on the road again, after an agonizingly long and cold winter.First stop: Friendsville. Even though this dog was just a statue, I still wanted to rescue it from the horrors of this front yard junk pile.

Sorry, old woman, but this shot was too good to resist.

Apparently Friendsville is pretty happening, what with the dance and dj on Saturdays as advertised on hand-painted tin signs attached to plywood.
First priority in Cumberland: frozen custard from Queen City Creamery--the very best frozen treats I've ever had.
Downtown Cumberland. Discount liquors, anyone?Cumberland Shoe Hospital.
Cumberland has a pedestrian underpass because of all the trains.
Lots of activity at the tracks.
Dave. Schwarzenbach & Sons.
Doing some electrical work on Main Street.
1902 and lion.
Downtown window reflection.
70s architectural decor.
Lazarus with Downtown reflection.

Cumberland train station.

Playing on the trains.

Side of a the font.

Not too busy at the station.

Taking pictures at the station.
I'm sure this serves some train-station-related purpose, but I have no idea what.
Our shadows taking pictures.