Friday, March 27, 2009

finally here in san fran!

I'm done with the conference and in San Francisco! Just back from an awesome dinner at Cocos in SOMA where they serve food made from fresh, local ingedients. We had fried green beans with dipping sauce; garlic, goat cheese, and arugula pizza; truffled mushroom flatbread; and a bottle of California zinfandel. Delicious.

Good to talk to Krista about politics and learn that I'm not the only socialist-minded person in this country, and good to make fun of Facebook status updates with her.

Her condo that she just bought, with an awesome city view, is amazing. There are cafes and coffee shops all around, plus a dog park and a walking trail. Made me want to move to San Francisco and work for Adobe...though I want to move here every time I visit. probably won't happen (though Krista is always happy to point out what companies are hiring, including Adobe!)