Monday, March 2, 2009

My Sunday in Pictures

My new camera!
Zoom from the 16th Street Bridge.
Brunch at DeLuca's.

Waiting for our food.

Sunday Strip filth.
16th Street Bridge.
Dave on the pedestrian bridge. Our house.
Grubble investigating the fish.

What's that?
Grubble sees the sun, think it's nice, and wants to go outside.
Grubble sniffing my eyes.
Dave taking a picture of Elsie.Orla napping.
Dave starts to build a model for work.
Cleaned the den! I heart organization.
My violets are always in bloom.
Dave's model, half-finished. Isn't it cute?
Taking a break from cleaning with tea and Homicide.
Warm roasted garlic spread on crostini.
Grubble supervising my cooking.
Roasted eggplant dip with toasted pita wedges.
Dave starts preparing for our trip to Prague with some Czech beer.

Cuddling with Grubble--always the perfect end to every day.