Saturday, March 14, 2009

kate + krista + shopping + san francisco = !

When I told Dave the exciting news that Kate T. will be in San Francisco the same weekend that I'll be there, he literally groaned...thinking of all the money I'll probably spend shopping. Maybe he was remembering the Saturday morning when Kate and I left Gene Sane's with a $300+ order for new dining room chair slipcovers in my purse. (On Monday, I canceled the order.) Or maybe he was remembering the cumulative spending I've done on the house since Kate started giving me her Domino magazines, and since Kate and Pam gave me bunches of great advice on what I should do with my house. Or, perhaps he was simply remembering the frequent shopping Kate and I did when it was, pretty much, part of our jobs.

He was just teasing of course, but how excited am I that I'll soon get to see some old friends in one of my very favorite places? Kate will be there visiting her in-laws. I'm staying with Krista, who lives in San Francisco and just bought her own place in the city. And her friend and old roomate, Julie, who I've known since 2000 when Dave and I first visited Krista in San Francisco, is also going to be in town.

And, hopefully, we're going shopping! Kate is a most excellent shopping companion and happy to give advice, which is mostly, "Yes, you should buy that!" I loved that she left the H&M in Indianapolis with something like 10 dresses and other miscellany. And then she bought more dresses immediately after in Banana Republic. Fun times!

Just two weeks from today--can't wait! (That's me biking in 2007 in the photo.)