Friday, March 6, 2009

lucky isn't the same

I planned on going shopping this weekend, so when I saw the new Lucky magazine, I ripped it open and devoured it--even during the NBC Nightly News, which always has my full attention.

As I told Dave what I hated (please, please, don't let harem pants come back; and those yellow boat shoes were hideous) and loved (a canvas clutch with gold shell clasp for $30 at Target--a no-brainer; the powder blue and moss green combos were so pretty; and since bags are my biggest obsession, I was on cloud nine with the spring bag guide section), it was clear he so wasn't into it. And that made me remember all the Lucky, Domino, and other magazines shared between us LC ladies. I really miss it! So, please everyone, make my day and tell me what you liked and didn't like from the new Lucky--it's just not as much fun when I can't talk about it with the girls!

This necklace for $50 from Banana Republic is one of the great spring accessories under $100 on Lucky's website.