Sunday, February 1, 2009

Here We Go

A true Pittsburgher, I love The Steelers. But I'm so tired of the "here we go" song. It's bad enough just hearing it over and over, but worse when Steelers fans sing it every single time they're on camera. It makes them all look like total yinzers. Why not just scream? Yell "Woooooo"? Yell "Go Steelers"? Sing the Steelers Polka? Anything but that terrible, droning, "here we go" song.

I made this cake for the 2005 Super Bowl (hey, I tried). I am hoping this Super Bowl will be different. In 2005, Dave drank an entire bottle of Jagermeister and was in no condition at the end of the game to do anything. But I had my heart set on running through the streets and screaming my joy, so I literally dragged him to the Strip District when he could barely walk. On the way, he befriended some thug-looking young men who eventually confessed to being just let out of prison. In the Strip, he bit it right in front of a cop and tore up his knees. So I dragged him back home and took him to the Bierhaus, a bar right around the corner from us. Another bad idea. He didn't last too long there either. We'll see what tonight brings.