Tuesday, February 17, 2009

5 Things That Make Me Purr: 02.17.09

1. Ferns in terrariums. I never got around to making a terrarium over the holidays, but I love the lush feel of unfurling fern fronds, and there's something so Victorian-era-romantic about putting them under a glass case. 2. Elephants print by Rhode Islander Julia Riordan Scherer. Love the colors, love the elephants, just love this print overall.

3. Traveler's Atlas. I'm geographically challenged, so I'm constantly getting out an atlas. This one by DK Publishing gives good travel tips, like must-see places, weather, and languages.

4. Hanna Werner Animal Flower Postcards. As textiles or wallpaper, these designs would be way too wacky even for my house, but they're just wacky enough for fun postcards.

5. Nature shows on PBS. Why We Love Cats and Dogs and Is That Skunk? are two great shows I saw recently, but there's always something good on Nature. (The photo below from PBS shows a woman who runs Skunk Haven, a skunk rescue in Ohio. Skunks are one of my favorite animals, and I've thought about getting one before--they've been domesticated as pets for 60 years. But they require fresh food, including meat, prepared for them daily...I don't even cook meat for my husband.)