Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Coco's Is Better

This weekend I wanted to buy vegan cupcakes to take to a vegan dinner. I know some people who insist that Dozen (in Squirrel Hill and Lawrenceville) has better cupcakes and others who think that Coco's (in Shadyside) does. While I really like Dozen's breakfast items, sandwiches, and other baked goods, I've never been a big fan of their cupcakes. One day I stopped in around 3 and bought two cupcakes. Granted, they had been sitting out all day, but that was no excuse for them being nearly inedible--dry, crumbly, and just not good tasting, especially at $2.50 each.

So I bought red velvet and chocolate peanut butter vegan cupcakes at Coco's. (That's another thing: Coco's offer two different types of vegan cupcakes daily, and Dozen only has one.) These cupcakes were out of this world good! They were a big hit of the dinner party and were so good that I was a little afraid my vegan friends would insist that they weren't vegan because they were just
so good.

This confirms it for me:
Coco's definitely has the best cupcakes in town.

(Photo from Coco's website.)