Thursday, February 5, 2009

Goodbye, Domino

Even after I heard last week that Domino Magazine was shutting down, I kept up hope that they'd change their minds. But their farewell message is now on their website, and I teared up when I read it:
dear readers

It is with very heavy hearts that we say farewell. Over the last 4 years, in 28 issues, we have done our best to create a great magazine. We started with a real idea—that style is for everyone—and tried to carry it out with stories that provide inspiration and empower you to act on it. From your tremendous response, we know that we were onto something. In this tough economy, however, we simply weren't able to get the advertising support we needed.

As domino evolved, we never lost sight of our original democratic premise. Looking back at the manifesto we published in the premiere issue, the first tenet of domino is still the truest: Home should make you happy. We hope we have played a part in making this come true for you.

All the editors of domino

Here's my farewell letter to them:

Dear Domino:

I'm sorry that I didn't subscribe for the first few years and instead mooched Kate's old issues. I hope I didn't cause you to go under. But I love you no less. You taught me that if I fill my home with things I love, my house will not only look good, but make me happy. And it does. As much as I love to travel and explore the world, the best part of every trip is coming back to a home that I love. It's my favorite place on earth. I have kept every single issue and will refer to my library whenever I want inspiration, advice, and ideas. And I'll always remember and continue implementing the most important things you've taught me:

1. A home shouldn't look like a furniture showroom. This is the first guideline that jump-started my love of home decorating. I had always wanted my house to look like a page from a Design Within Reach catalog but never had the $10,000 to buy a side chair or $5,000 to buy a lamp. So I never bought anything, and I was never happy with my home. But then I realized that even if I had a million dollars to decorate my house, it would look the same as everyone else's who has those designer pieces. I realized I wanted my home to look lived-in and to reflect my personality.
2. Incorporate things you love. My home is primarily filled with nature and animal-themed accessories and objects, and there are books everywhere. It's so me. (Except for the third floor--that's all Dave.)
3. Add texture, contrast, and color. You taught me that same is boring. After I added fabrics and other contrasting elements, everything seems to fit together so much better now.
4. Create tableaux. I love this! I'm constantly re-arranging objects on our fireplace mantels, coffee table, and other areas around some central theme, whether they're all clear-glass objects, a certain color, or a certain theme, like rocks and seashells.
5. Don't be matchy-matchy. This is the best advice you've given me. I will never again buy matching furniture sets or aim for furniture from just one era. I love that you've given me the freedom to mix antiques with modern and expensive with low-end.

I will miss you, Domino. You were my all-time favorite magazine. But I can't thank you enough for giving me the power to make my home a place that makes me happy.

Love, JK

PS: You can keep the rest of my subscription money even though I only got one issue from my new subscription. I think after all my years of mooching, I owe you that.