Thursday, February 26, 2009

3 Good Dogs + 2 Friendly Cats = Lots of Smells

With yesterday’s nice weather, it was a great evening to walk dogs at the shelter! I met three really nice dogs. If you know anyone…

Ruby is a great hound dog with a reddish coat and big floppy ears. A true hound, she kept her nose to the ground for 90% of the walk (and found every discarded chicken bone on the street, unfortunately). She’s new and doesn’t have a profile yet, but she’s a calm, older dog who walks well on a leash.

Bones is a very cute young brown terrier with the softest fur. He’s a little scared and timid, but he is super sweet—all he wanted to do was be petted. He was seized from a house where he didn’t have good living conditions (thank goodness) and is stick thin. He needs lots of lovin!

Bella is a Jack Russell Terrier Mix who really struck me with how smart she is. I could immediately tell that she’d been well trained and was super smart. She walked very well on a leash and has lived with kids, cats, and dogs. She loves to play but actually seems pretty calm and not hyper.

On my way out, I couldn’t help but visit Boe and Gidget, a pair of wonderfully affectionate cats who love each other and want to go to their next home together. They are super friendly.

Whenever I come home from the shelter, I have to sit on the floor and let my three cats sniff every inch of me—especially if I come home with both dog and cat smells! Last night they were still sniffing my clothes after I'd taken them off and put them in the hamper.