Thursday, February 12, 2009

Talking About Twitter

See the article on Twitter in today's NYT? The gist: Use it however you want, whether to follow friends or get feedback or market your business.

The article prompted me to log into Twitter to review the dozen or so new people who are following me and to decide whether I want to follow them. I have pretty low standards. I won't follow anyone who defines themselves as religious or has different political views than mine. You get like 150 characters max to define yourself, so anyone who uses that small space to talk religion or politics isn't someone I want to follow. I also won't follow anyone who looks like a teenager in their picture and has no bio (they probably only just want to get their numbers up). Other than that, I'll follow you (which means that I subscribe to all your messages).

I also just followed the first person I know: the Animal Rescue League. Of course I want to hear about things like their pets of the week and how many animals adopted so far (514 this year)!

Anyone else giving Twitter a try?