Saturday, January 31, 2009

Target Always Cheers Me Up

Yesterday I spent the entire work day editing and formatting a large amount of content for a publication. At 4:30, I found out that a.) a co-worker had made changes to the content after I exported it and b.) Excel could have done in about five minutes what I'd spent much of the day doing manually. So: a completely wasted day. I was so upset and frustrated--this is an extremely busy time for me at work, and I can't afford a wasted day. I desperately needed cheering up, and I knew just the thing: a trip to Target.

They have sandals! Pretty sandals! Wedge-heel sandals, sandals in pretty greens and corals, sexy strappy sandals. It made me long for Spring, but I couldn't bring myself to buy any when my toes are very happy being wrapped in thick socks and heavy, clunky shoes to guard against the snow and ice. This was my compromise: cute, pleated black pumps (all man-made materials, of course).
I also got this bag. I carry a lot of stuff to work every day, and my bag gets heavy. This large tote is very sturdy, and I love the wine color.I don't think their spring line of clothes was out yet--nothing caught my eye--but with my new shoes and bag, I left feeling like the day wasn't a waste, after all.