Friday, January 9, 2009

Still the Media Darling

The media still hearts Pittsburgh. I should say: the media outside of Pittsburgh.

Last summer I talked with a reporter from USA Today who asked me why Pittsburghers are so down on their city when it's so awesome. I'm happy she didn't publish my lame answer (I was not prepared to answer a philosophical question about the thoughts of yinzers), but it's interesting that everyone outside of Pittsburgh gets it!

Further proof: When I played tour guide with a group of out-of-town travel writers on the Gateway Clipper last year, they acted like the Cork Factory, stadiums, and Point State Park were the best things they'd ever seen in their lives. I felt like a star when they begged me to come to to their table and called over their friends to say, "She lives here!" and then made me point out every single thing along the river. I most enjoyed pointing out the houses and my estimate of what they would cost. That gets 'em every time.