Friday, January 23, 2009

10 Years with Dave

Ten years ago today I met Dave on a blind date at Marios in the South Side.

At the time, I was very happily living by myself in the cutest little apartment without a TV (by choice) in a big old house on Morewood Avenue and was not at all interested in dating. Darcey, my BFF from high school, tried to set me up with numerous guys, but I always said no.

But I had just fallen in love with Howard Roark from The Fountainhead and had told Darcey I wanted to meet an architect. She met Dave through her co-worker and Dave's childhood friend Melanie. When she found out he was an architect, she set up a date for us to meet.

She had told Dave that I was really smart and had just written a book, so he was nervous (and was sweating like a bitch.) She told me that he was "OK looking" because she knew I don't like traditionally cute guys and would likely have turned her down if she said he was cute (even though she thought so), so I wasn't expecting much.

Obviously, we hit it off. It was really warm out, and I loved that Dave suggested we buy 40s and drink on the corner. But his cool black shoes (which I thought only gay guys wore but have since found out that all architects wear) and the fact that he drove a stick shift (so sexy) were big selling points.

We were living together by July.

Since then, Dave has learned I can be really stupid, and I still think he's cute.

Photo: Us in Redwoods National Forest in a West Coast trip in 2000--we have no digital pictures from 1999!