Sunday, January 4, 2009

Visiting the Adult Toystore

Ever since I saw a commercial for a toy store on Route 8 that featured adults jumping around on adult-sized pogo sticks, I told Dave I wanted to visit the adult toystore. He kept telling me that an adult toy store is something else entirely, but yesterday we headed up Route 8 to check it out. Play Things Etc., about seven miles north of Butler, is housed in some crazy structure that looks like a stealth bomber. Dave was right: Besides the pogo sticks, miniature trains, and remote controlled helicopters and cars, there wasn't too much for adults. But it was a cool toy store, filled with every possible toy you can imagine.

On the way there, we stopped in downtown Butler. The business district is stable--just not very sexy. I was excited to see that The Book Nook was open and wanted to buy some of the books on my list. The man working didn't even acknowledge Dave's "hello," and kept his nose buried in a comic book. The store was filled with the genre of paperback fiction you find at grocery stores and not much else except for the very large selection of porn. They had not one of the books on my list, so I left empty-handed.
This building was cool. I was just going through photos of our trip to Amsterdam in 2005, and this reminded me of some of the buildings there.
Worsley's has an interesting selection of paint, wallpaper, unfinished furniture, finished furniture...and dolls. Along with many of the other Butler businesses, and like many small businesses in small towns in Pennsylvania, Worsley's wasn't open on a Saturday afternoon. Convincing small businesses to open on weekends is one of the great tasks of Main Street Managers all across Pennsylvania.