Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Thank you, Darlene Harris

So happy to read this. The trap-neuter-release program has helped me manage my feral colony (from about 20 five years ago to only one left, who is spayed, semi-tame, and living in my basement). It’s a great program, and I’m happy the city’s allocating money to help with it in my neighborhood.

Feral cats may be winning the war, but another ally has joined the struggle to contain them: City Councilwoman Darlene Harris has initiated a trap-neuter-return initiative in her North Side district.

One of several efforts to control their populations, it is the first to be sponsored by the city. In the month the program has been operating, it has trapped 23 cats, starting with a colony in Spring Hill.

City beefs up effort to neuter feral cats, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette