Monday, December 1, 2008

Take that, Patriots!

Ohhhh, I so love the way this is written. Brutal. Wet. Cold. Dank. End. This may even make up for that rat-bastard move the Patriots did on the Steelers in the play-offs in…2003? Forget the year, but I’ll never forget the injustice: fourth quarter, seconds left, Patriots kicking a field goal which they MISSED so Steelers would have won, when Hines Ward very obviously accidentally ran into the kicker, who faked an injury, giving the Steelers a foul and the Patriots a second chance and the win. Damn them to hell.

Yesterday, their reign over the Steelers also came to a brutal, wet, cold and dank end. It's as if the Steelers took out a decade of frustration on the Patriots, crushing them 33-10 in a steady, hard, wintry New England rain.

Defense reigns as Steelers crush Patriots, 33-10, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette