Monday, December 22, 2008

Pittsburgh Popcorn Company

Dave and I ventured into the Strip this weekend. While the Strip usually annoys me (come on, people, do you really need to stop and stare for five minutes at those finger puppets?), there was a fun, holiday cheer sort of vibe going on that made it enjoyable.

We decided to try popcorn from The Pittsburgh Popcorn Company, a new business that just opened this summer. YUM! We got the Wisconsin Cheddar and the Reese's Kettle. The cheddar was all buttery and cheesy--real cheesy, not the fake powder cheese. Delicious. And I liked the Reese's Kettle even more. They drizzle delicious peanut butter and chocolate over freshly popped kettle corn. Ah! Heaven, really. I only wish I would have had the Ginger Bread Cookie Corn, which was the flavor of the week, but there's always next time. Even though it's pricey (a large will run you from $7 to $12), it's worth it. Bags of this gourmet goodness would also make nice hostess gifts. Check out their menu.