Sunday, December 7, 2008

My new slipcovers

I recently finished sewing my slipcovers! My mom and aunt helped me measure and figure out how everything goes together, but I completed the final pieces on my own. I have so much of this fabric leftover--anyone want me to make them pillows for Christmas? Here's what they look like:

On the wall above the right chair, I have a really good project planned. Dave recently got some stuff from his recently deceased great uncle (I think). The coolest thing was an old ham radio, and a collection of postcards from other amateur radio stations. I guess when another radio station would pick up your signal, they'd send you a postcard from their station confirming they got your signal. The postcards are really cool, each with its own design, and I plan on putting them into some kind of framed collage, and then installing a shelf that the radio can go on. This will be a fun project for next year!

I also sewed a little curtain for our pantry, which obviously wasn't nearly as involved as the slipcovers, but I like how it turned out.