Sunday, May 10, 2009

vegan shoes at pavement

I wanted comfortable but also cool shoes to wear for both work and sightseeing in Prague, so yesterday I headed to the store with the coolest shoes in Pittsburgh, Pavement in Lawrenceville. Last year I bought my first pair of J-41s from Pavement--made of recycled rubber and other materials from the Jeep company, they're 100% vegan and so comfortable that I wore them everywhere.

I left Pavement with three new pairs of J-41s! Two are funky but comfy heels I can wear for work (one is pictured here), and the other are a different version of the J-41s I bought last year--perfect for walking a lot and sightseeing. And they were all on sale, so I got three pairs for what it would have cost me to get two pairs from Zappos.I hadn't seen Alissa, the owner, since I left Lawrenceville last summer, so it was good to catch up with her. She said three new restaurants are coming to Lawrenceville soon, right in her area of Lower Lawrenceville: Sufak's is becoming a Mexican cantina, an asian fusion restaurant is opening up (finally--they were supposed to open back when I worked there), and a coffee shop is going in just a few doors down. Exciting!

Pavement also has a lot of really cute clothes and accessories. If you want really cute and funky shoes and clothes that no one else has, be sure to check out Pavement--definitely my all-time favorite shoe store! (Note that their website is down right now, but they're at 3629 Butler Street; 412-621-6400.)