Friday, May 8, 2009

new york magazine says come to pgh!

Pittsburgh's arts scene is in New York Magazine's travel section as a suggested weekend escape. I have to admit that seeing things like this (of course Lawrenceville is mentioned!) makes me miss my old job. Even now, I can't help but shout this out here, on Twitter, etc. I guess promoting Pittsburgh is in my blood!

Earlier this week, my friend Pam D., who I worked with in Lawrenceville, was in town and organized a fun happy hour with an equally fun group of ladies. It was wonderful seeing Pam (she had me in stitches all night) and it was good to talk to others from Lawrenceville. They told me I'm missed :( I miss them too! I once told Pam I loved how she described the job on her LinkedIn account: The toughest job I've ever loved. True 'dat!

Just one more thing about the article though--I love how they give a nod to Pittsburghese though they didn't get it quite right...yinzers come in all ages! "The Pittsburgh accent and unique turns of phrase are derived from early Scotch-Irish immigrants and still used by older residents, known as “yinzers.”"