Friday, May 29, 2009

puppies, kittens, and see you in Prague

The Animal Rescue League desperately needs foster homes! Foster homes are critical for providing pets with temporary homes until a place becomes available for them at the shelter. That means that fosters help save lives because they prevent having to euthanize pets when space at the shelter isn't available. They currently about 275 cats in foster with over 40 different people, but it just isn’t enough. Already in May, they've taken in 519 cats. Unbelievable! If you are unable to adopt a pet, please consider fostering--the application is here. There are plenty of puppies and kittens that need foster homes, as well as adults--wouldn't you like to have a puppy or kitten in your life, even just for a short while? :)

I leave tomorrow for Prague! First for vacation, then for work. Please check back to this blog starting Sunday--I'll be posting photos of our travels around the Czech Republic.