Wednesday, May 20, 2009

so tempted. but i won't. except for one thing.

Arrrgh. My fingers are itching to write about local politics, particularly yesterday's primary. Beyond that, I'm itching to start an anonymous blog to inform the 95% of city residents who are absolutely clueless how city government really operates in this city. I'd argue that only those who have dealt with the city directly really know. (I was in community development, so I know.) It pains me to read blogs and hear buzz from the ignorant city masses and not be able to say to them, "Look, here's how things really work. It's ugly, maddening, and sickening."

But...I won't. Engaging in politics only breeds negativity (my experience, anyway) and, aside from that, no one would ever hire me if I became known as a whistle-blower.

Except...except...OK, I just have to say that the local bloggers have no clue about the Ceoffe versus Banahasky fight for district judge. NO. CLUE. Tony has done SO much for his community. He's intelligent, a hard worker, and fights hard for what he believes in. He's made a huge impact in alleviating crime in Lawrenceville, and district judge is a great and well-deserved next step for him. YAY, Tony!

And while I'm talking politics...the election results on last night's news were the third story down. The top story was that Najeh Davenport's car was stolen. Davenport is the ex-Steeler who broke into a female dorm at Barry University in 2002 and took a crap in her laundry basket while she slept...which is why he's known locally as The Defecator. Yep, that's Pittsburgh for you.

OK, that's it. No more politics on this blog!