Saturday, May 2, 2009

joey's trees

Last night we went to the opening reception for Tree, a photo exhibit by Joey Kennedy at the office of Friends of the Pittsburgh Urban Forest on Penn Avenue that was part of the monthly Unblurred art crawl. Joey's photos were amazing--and of course, I loved the tree focus! The space was cool too. The wood floors were made by a local woodworker. Here's what their site says: "Our new office floor was made by John Metzler, a local Pittsburgh woodworker at Urban Tree Forge right in Highland Park. John gives new life to trees that have been removed in the City of Pittsburgh, turning them into furniture, sculpture, flooring, and other functional wood products. Friends is proud to feature completely local flooring and to put salvaged wood to use." Also in their office was a cool sculpture made from a tree, and what I think were teeny baby seedling trees. Their site has lots of good tips and resources for tree care, so check it out. Joey's photos will be on display through the end of August, so stop by to see them if you're in the neighborhood.