Sunday, April 5, 2009

teeny road trip through route 65 river towns

Dave's going to buy a new bike, so he wanted to check out a bike shop in Ambridge (named after the American Bridge Company), about 19 miles northeast of Pittsburgh. We spent the sunny afternoon yesterday driving up Route 65 to Ambridge, then on to Rochester, New Brighton, Beaver Falls, and Monaca. It was a nice day for a drive.

Parts of 65 are pretty, even in early spring, with big trees and beautiful houses along stretches of the road. There's a hint of green on the hillsides, spring flowers coming up in yards, and pretty blossoms on trees.

Beaver River, muddy from all the rain this week.
Rochester Bridge.
Beaver Falls.
Windblown me with my new bug-eye sunglasses and shorter, darker hair (couldn't stand how my hair looked in pix from CA--too long and brassy!)