Thursday, April 2, 2009

backyard project begins!

Dan the landscaper is coming next week to install a wood fence and rip up part of our concrete patio. So we started to prep this week by pulling apart our raised bed in the back, first by moving all the brick and then by ripping apart the wood and finally taking down the fence that Dave designed and built in....maybe four years ago? I can't find a good picture of how the back "yard" looked prior to last summer when one of our trees was cut down and the other was tragically butchered by getting topped off. But before that it was green and shady and pretty and private. So we're getting the wood fence for immediate privacy, and removing part of the patio so we have room to plant a new tree. This first is the best picture I could find (it's when we were painting the deck--you can barely see the back fence all the way in the back), followed by some from taking apart the bed. Step two in the plan? I think I need new patio furniture, so I'm headed over to Kate T.'s old house this weekend to steal her patio furniture before the new owners move in! (Congratulations again to Kate for selling their house. And congratulations to Kelly for buying one in Minneapolis!)