Wednesday, April 15, 2009

backyard project coming along

In part two of the backyard project, Dan the landscaper came last week to install a wood fence in the back and remove part of our concrete patio.

I found this photo from 2005 of the raised back bed that we tore out that was shaded by the tree that had to be cut down. How shady and pretty it was.
Here's a photo after we removed the fence that Dave built and after we took apart the raised bed. You can see how the back left portion of the patio was being uprooted by the tree. Dan praised Dave's work on the fence he built--we're going to try to use it in another part of the back.And here's the root of the problem--literally!Here's what it looks like now--with the back fence and back quarter of the patio removed. We decided to only put a wood fence in back because in summer the sides of the chain link fence are completely covered with ivy, so we only really need a screening fence in the back.Yes, that is Grubble sniffing around the rocks. He loves to roll around in the gravel.
Next step: remove the gravel, dig a hole, and plant a tree!