Tuesday, April 14, 2009

easter in the mon valley

I missed my sister's birthday when I was in CA so made a rainbow cake for her for Easter using the idea from here and here. I was wary of making it with diet pop like the recipe calls for. But even though it was full of completely unhealthy chemicals, it was a huge hit! It was dense but very moist and yummy, and the rainbowing came out nicely. After dinner at my mom's in the Valley, we took the more leisurely route back to Pgh on Route 837 through all the mill towns. McKeesport is kinda scary, even on Easter Sunday. (And that should say something coming from someone who has a high tolerance for scary neighborhoods.) But it was still a nice, sunny, relaxing ride home.
Emma did not like this idea!
Posing under the magnolia tree: Bill, Katharine, Mom, Harrison, Kathy.
Aunt JoAnn, David, Nicole, and baby Emma.
And us. McKeesport.