Friday, April 3, 2009

olivia: a mini-me

My 10-year-old niece Olivia (on Dave's side) is about as cute as they come. She fowarded to Dave an email about helping stray dogs in Puerto Rico. She's a mini-me! When Dave told her I volunteer at a shelter, she sent this message.

Yeah, I really am actually interested in animal welfare. I just think that they deserve every little thing we deserve to such as food, water, shelter, and a loving family.
I really want to adopt a dog from too.
Do you know what shelter she volunteers at?


Aside from me just loving that she wants to adopt a dog for good reasons (and that she has pretty good grammar), it tickles me to get an email from her in general. It's funny to think how communication has changed so much since we were little. Can you imagine if we had the internets growing up? It's really amazing to think how integral it is to kids today, but it wasn't around until late in college. Makes me feel old!
Photo is Olivia and her brother Derek from Christmas 2007.