Saturday, July 4, 2009

ya gotta regatta

Scenes from the Pittsburgh Three Rivers Regatta yesterday...

Bad food on the Roberte Clemente Bridge. It was cool (nice!), and storm clouds threatened all day.
The PA State Police gave simulations on a car rollover with dummies, first with seatbelts and then without. The unbelted dummies got jacked up--wow, who'd have thunk? Frisbee dog show! This guy rescues all his dogs and trains them. Love that he makes sure the audience knows that. The "Pittsburgh style" beer garden certainly isn't like the beer gardens in Prague!
Pro mountain bike stunt guy Mike Steidley doing cool tricks.Motocross stunt show.And the big highlight: Nik Wallenda walks 1,000 feet across and 200 feet above the Allegheny River using nothing but his balancing pole. The huge crowd let out a collective gasp when it started raining. Luckily the rain lasted only a minute, and Nik made it across. Cheers to Nik!!!