Saturday, July 18, 2009

cool installations, panoramic photos, edgy tees

Last night's Gallery Crawl may have been the best I've ever attended! The rain towards the beginning didn't keep people away. The galleries were crowded with people, and we ran into a bunch of people we know. Dozen Bake Shop is opening a new location Downtown and were passing out free, fresh, yummy mini-capcakes. Thanks!

At 937 Liberty Avenue, there was really cool photography including some awesome panoramics. I also loved the Cultural Trust posters for various events over the years they had on display. 943 Liberty, which used to be a porno shop, was home to The Cotton Factory for the night. They created new designs specifically for the event. You can get them all and other great tees on their website. They were serving up Pabst Blue Ribbon and made a skull of the used cans...pretty cool.
And the cool tee I got--thanks, Cotton Factory!
The installations at the Wood Street Galleries were really incredible. In this photo, they had a ladder set up and had some sort of white, sticky string blowing out of a machine and onto it, creating a shroud of white on the ladder. It was pretty cool.
This was a similar concept, except the machine spun out hot wax to make a giant circle of green wax.
In one of the galleries we ran into John Morris, who used to run the Digging Pitt Gallery in Lawrenceville. We got to talking about how awesome Pittsburgh is, and John said something that I think is really spot on. He said Pittsburgh isn't a ready-made city. It doesn't offer a canned, pre-packaged, easy experience. Instead, you have to seek out the unique, the interesting, the authentic--the very things that make Pittsburgh so cool. I think this is why so many of us Pittsburgh cheerleaders love the city--there's just so much to continually discover, and we all love exploring it.

We also talked about the furries who were in town for their annual convention over the July 4 weekend and how much we hope they continue to come to Pittsburgh. John posted some awesome pictures of them enjoying drinks at Tonic on his blog. By the way, his blog is a great way to keep updated on the arts scene in Pittsburgh.