Monday, June 15, 2009


Still have some more Prague pictures to post. These are from a walk to Vysehrad, promoted in our guidebook as "Prague's other castle." It had a really cool neogothic cathedral, a late 19th century cemetery, a walkway around the castle wall with sweeping views of the city, and a big green park. The guidebook described the park as being full of women pushing baby carriages and couples canoodling, and that was true! There were also some young guys throwing around (mostly incorrectly) a football. The best part: few tourists. We walked back to our place through Nove Mesto (New Town).

The view of Vysehrad from the Nove Mesto riverfront.
Church of Sts Peter and Paul.
In the park.
In the cemetery.
View of Prague Castle from the Vysehrad castle wall.
View from the Vysehrad castle wall.
In Nove Mesto.