Sunday, June 7, 2009

hradcany and mala strana

Hradcany is the residential area west of Prague Castle. Here are some more shots around Prague Castle and then in Hradcany.

The castle gate.
View of the castle from the Royal Gardens.In the Royal Gardens.Views from the castle steps.Cubist houses in the Hradcany neighborhood.Mala Strana is the baroque disrict on the hillside in between the castle and the river. It's filled with narrow, winding, cobblestone backstreets that were fun to explore.In Southern Mala Strana is the John Lennon wall, which has been filled with graffitti since the night Czech youths painted images on it the night Lennon was murdered in 1980. Now it's the only place in Prague where graffitti is tolerated; in fact, I overheard a tour guide saying to a group, "If you've brought a can of spray paint, feel free to come back and add to the wall."