Tuesday, June 2, 2009

hello from prague

Dave and I took separate flights to Prague, which kinda sucked because a.) flying alone, especially a really long flight, is no fun and b.) we weren't sure how to find each other once we got in. But we did, and we're here! We rented a one-bedroom apartment in a building called the House of the Golden Alphabet right in Old Town. The building dates back to the 13th century and has painted ceilings. Here's the inside:Here's the outside--it's the second yellow building with a souvenir shop on the ground floor.This is our street, Jiltska.
We are less than a five-minute walk to two main attractions: Old Town Square and the Charles Bridge, which connects Old Town and Prague Castle. Following are some pictures of Old Town Square.Last night when we got in we went to a grocery store that made the sketchy North Side Giant Eagle look like Whole Foods. Bottles had dust on them, it was very unclean, and the selection was slim (though we really couldn't tell what we were buying anyway since it was all in Czech). Dave bought milk and the next morning discovered it was completely sour and lumpy. Yuck! Dave also wanted to buy better toilet paper than what was in our apartment. We wondered why it had a strawberry pattern on it until Dave realized: it is strawberry scented. Yes, strawberry scented.

We dragged our fruity asses all over Prague today, probably covering at least 10 miles. Now I'm exhausted. Yesterday we slept when we shouldn't have and didn't sleep when we should have, so our internal time is all screwy. I took about 300 pictures but don't have time to go through them all now.

Prague definitely has a Soviet feel. It's a little rough in parts, but it's really beautiful overall. Tomorrow we're headed to a little Czech town outside of the city, so I'll try to post more pix tomorrow night.