Thursday, November 13, 2008

Lawrenceville for only $35!

Okay, who wants me to walk them through Lawrenceville this weekend to show you those really hard to miss buildings and street-level businesses? It will only cost you $35!

So far, Ms. Moreira-Byers offers three tours that also include a small business-inspired walk through Lower Lawrenceville and a saunter through Ellsworth Avenue shops in Shadyside. She sprinkles her narrative with history and trivia, taking clients in to meet business owners.

She charges $35 per person but is offering holiday specials of $15 through the end of the year.

"I traveled abroad with Sherris once," said Ms. Doerschner, who works on the South Side. "And even though she didn't know the city, she was a great tour guide. I did her Lawrenceville tour a few weeks ago and thought it was neat that someone can point out things you don't even notice."

Source: Quirky tours are attracting visitors to the city's unsung sights, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette