Tuesday, September 1, 2009

over the weekend

Friday we went to see Great Lake Swimmers play a free show at Schenley Plaza in Oakland. It was good--would have been great if it weren't for all the little kids running around. Not a fan of romper-room settings.Saturday we went to the Sprout Fund's Hothouse in Bakery Square....where we had to wait in line for food and drink along with the other 3,000 people there. Ugh. (I wasn't the only one complaining.) By the end of the night, we could go right up and get drinks--but at that point, the only thing left was spiced rum.
Here's me in my dress I bought in San Francisco with Kate.Sunday our families came over to our house to see our new garden. We cooked out, then they sang happy birthday to me. Dave posted a great photo of our nephew Justin here.